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South of Market: San Francisco’s High Rise Hot Spot 

Many of my clients have been asking me, ‘what’s the deal with the SoMa?‘ A burgeoning neighborhood just off the Bay Bridge, “South of Market” has peaked the interest of the masses and is quickly shooting to the top of every buyers list. So whether you are a 1st time home buyer, investor, or a curious local, sit back and hear what I’ve been telling my clients about San Francisco’s latest hot spot.
From Industrial Warehouses to Silicon Valley Getaways
Back in the nineties the SoMa was your typical industrial …

BART Broadening to Bernal, Ocean Beach?

A location within a few blocks of a BART station has been a coveted feature among San Francisco house shoppers for nearly four decades.
That feature may soon extend to San Francisco homes in Bernal Heights and Ocean Beach in the Outer Richmond.
As the popular rapid transit system contemplates its 2012 plans, BART finds itself in a more flush cash position than in recent years. BART’s revenue had been negatively affected by the economic downturn. The commuter rail system has rebounded strongly, though, and the San Francisco Chronicle reports that BART …

Bay Bridge Views Get Even More Spectacular in 2012

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge celebrates the 75th anniversary of it’s opening in 2012. Bridge officials are planning to light things up with a celebration that’s sure to be brilliant for anyone with a view of the western span of the bridge.
The Bay Bridge will be decorated with 25,000 LED lights, all individually programmed to perform a spectacular 500-foot-tall animated light show on either side of the western span. This dazzling show of lights will use only solar power, and will remain installed and on display until well into 2013.
Step …

San Francisco Remembers 9/11

The San Francisco Giants put up a memorial in remembrance of Sept 11th. It lists all of the names of those who lost their lives in this attack, in a simple and direct manner, much the same as the Vietnam Memorial in our nations capital. You often read a question similar to this, “Do you remember were you were, when you first learned about the terrorist attacks?” The image that will always stand out for me, is walking through the Civic Center in front …

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5 City Real Estate Opportunities No Investor Should Ignore

Real Estate markets in cities across the United States have had a rocky few years. The combination of downtown overbuilding and the economic recession was a one-two punch that drove property values down and increased uncertainty in the major cities. As we head into the dog days of summer, there are strong signs that many cities have started to emerge from their dog markets and present a viable, and in many cases a very strong, investment opportunity.
There are industry-wide influences, of course. Prices are at very reasonable levels in most …

SF Beat: Clay St Condos, Empanadas on Valencia & More!

Today we’re taking a look around San Francisco, touring various locations in different sections of the city in order to view what’s new, what’s old, and what’s all around fabulous.

Our first stop is Nob Hill. Here we are visiting a small but elegant five story, eleven unit residential condominium building that at this time has two available units. 1083 Clay street, designed by Donald Macdonald Architects, is currently the highest wood frame building in San Francisco. It features an exterior finished in Stucco, two top floors with panoramic views, curved …

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