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South of Market: San Francisco’s High Rise Hot Spot 

Many of my clients have been asking me, ‘what’s the deal with the SoMa?‘ A burgeoning neighborhood just off the Bay Bridge, “South of Market” has peaked the interest of the masses and is quickly shooting to the top of every buyers list. So whether you are a 1st time home buyer, investor, or a curious local, sit back and hear what I’ve been telling my clients about San Francisco’s latest hot spot.
From Industrial Warehouses to Silicon Valley Getaways
Back in the nineties the SoMa was your typical industrial …

Bay Bridge Views Get Even More Spectacular in 2012

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge celebrates the 75th anniversary of it’s opening in 2012. Bridge officials are planning to light things up with a celebration that’s sure to be brilliant for anyone with a view of the western span of the bridge.
The Bay Bridge will be decorated with 25,000 LED lights, all individually programmed to perform a spectacular 500-foot-tall animated light show on either side of the western span. This dazzling show of lights will use only solar power, and will remain installed and on display until well into 2013.
Step …

Urban Luxury on Brannan Street!

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Today we’re traveling over to Brannan street to explore a 9 story mixed use residential luxury condominium building, 200 Brannan. This lavish San Francisco building of beauty, completed in December of 2004, was designed by MBH architects and built by Lennar Corp, it went on to be a 2006 Gold Nugget award finalist for the best loft project. It holds much sophistication in addition to a collection of 191 loft style condominiums which were created by combining existing concrete warehouses, an old century salami factory, and several new pieces …

The Urban Living Trend And The City Of San Francisco.

As of lately urban living has been trending upward, spanning out to be far more then just a real estate market category but ultimately a full on lifestyle. The winning factor of it all is that it doesn’t necessarily just call out to one distinct group of people but caters to a wide range of individuals. From the retirees looking to mellow out, but not slow down, in a bustling city where everything from grocery stores to coffee shops are within a respectable distance, to parents wanting to provide their …

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NBC Bay Area gives us some love

When you know what you want, your best bet’s a specialist: if you need a bed, go to Sleepy’s, and if you need “Beyond”, go to Bed Bath & Beyond, and just try to ignore the beds and baths. When what you want’s a condo, go straight to CondoDomain.
Based in Boston, pointedly named brokerage CD just grew to include San Francisco, vying to be your online hub for finding condos — and nothing but the condos — by coupling a slick search engine with personal agent care to assist you …

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Living by the Bay- Ideas for Finding the Perfect Apartment

by Veronika Lazabal
Finding a place to call home in the Bay Area is an adventure in and of itself—one that carries with it both a sense of excitement unequal to apartment hunting anywhere else, and a set of challenges unique to this part of the Golden State. Call them cozy, snug, homey or charming; the fact remains that apartments in and around San Francisco are small. So how can you be sure you’re getting the most for your money when it comes to your new bay area apartment or condo? …

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