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BART Broadening to Bernal, Ocean Beach?

A location within a few blocks of a BART station has been a coveted feature among San Francisco house shoppers for nearly four decades.
That feature may soon extend to San Francisco homes in Bernal Heights and Ocean Beach in the Outer Richmond.
As the popular rapid transit system contemplates its 2012 plans, BART finds itself in a more flush cash position than in recent years. BART’s revenue had been negatively affected by the economic downturn. The commuter rail system has rebounded strongly, though, and the San Francisco Chronicle reports that BART …

Bay Bridge Views Get Even More Spectacular in 2012

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge celebrates the 75th anniversary of it’s opening in 2012. Bridge officials are planning to light things up with a celebration that’s sure to be brilliant for anyone with a view of the western span of the bridge.
The Bay Bridge will be decorated with 25,000 LED lights, all individually programmed to perform a spectacular 500-foot-tall animated light show on either side of the western span. This dazzling show of lights will use only solar power, and will remain installed and on display until well into 2013.
Step …

The Montgomery Is Simply Elegant

If you have a taste for a new home that is simple, yet elegant, then the Montgomery Condominiums will satisfy your every desire. Location wise, you will find all of the conveniences that a new home owner, especially one in San Francisco longs for. Within a short 10 minute walk east, you will find the Ferry Building, which offers the very best in shopping for the gourmet chef, as well as a very popular and renowned Farmers Market. The Ferry Building is located along the waterfront, which offers amazing views …

Ghirardelli: San Francisco Squares!

San Francisco is racked with many glorious neighborhoods that hold historical significance. There are four squares in the city of San Francisco that each possess their own character, style, and story. Those squares are Union Square, Jackson Square, Alamo Square, and Ghirardelli Square. Today we’ll be traveling over to Ghirardelli Square and divulging portions of its past as well as getting in touch with its present state! (photo via Ghirardellisq.com)
Ghirardelli Square, located in the Fisherman’s wharf area of San Francisco (900 N. Point St. Sf, Ca 94109), is today a …

On the Rebound?

San Francisco has always had a stronger than average real estate market, even in the worst of times, due to a high demand for housing.

It appears that there are signs of a rebound in San Francisco, with the number of active listings remaining stable, and a significant number of them accepting offers within the past few weeks.

San Francisco Condo Demand

More housing was built in San Francisco in 2008 than in any year since 1965. Yes, it is true that San Francisco still is an expensive place to live and short on housing – and it is true that sales are slower than before. Still, the housing that was built last year was for the most part approved earlier, and financed earlier. Thus, the building went ahead.

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