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BART Broadening to Bernal, Ocean Beach?

A location within a few blocks of a BART station has been a coveted feature among San Francisco house shoppers for nearly four decades.
That feature may soon extend to San Francisco homes in Bernal Heights and Ocean Beach in the Outer Richmond.
As the popular rapid transit system contemplates its 2012 plans, BART finds itself in a more flush cash position than in recent years. BART’s revenue had been negatively affected by the economic downturn. The commuter rail system has rebounded strongly, though, and the San Francisco Chronicle reports that BART …

San Francisco Condo Demand

More housing was built in San Francisco in 2008 than in any year since 1965. Yes, it is true that San Francisco still is an expensive place to live and short on housing – and it is true that sales are slower than before. Still, the housing that was built last year was for the most part approved earlier, and financed earlier. Thus, the building went ahead.

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